2015 Ford Ka – Completely New Concept

A month ago Ford has introduced their completely new Ka concept, the company’s vision of an entirely new global small car which offers top notch technology and smart design at affordable price.


This new revolutionary five-door concept (at least when we talk about small cars) was introduced by Ford’s executive vice president for Europe, Africa and Asia at a special event in Barcelona in front of over 2000 Ford employees, dealers and partners.

Ford has sold more than 1.8 million Ka car models since the vehicle was first introduced in 1996. The company predicts that the segment of small cars in the world will increase by 35 percent – from 4 million units in the 2012th to 6.2 million units by in 2017. So it is now wonder why they are investing so much in their Ka remake.

The new Ford Ka is expected in 2015.

With the ability to offer comfort for five adult passengers, Ka Concept is equipped with equipment that is usually found in larger and more expensive cars. MyFord Dock allows passengers storage and charging of their mobile devices such as cell phones or satellite navigation devices; SYNC with voice control while AppLink allows drivers to activate various applications, make phone calls and play music, with their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes focused on the road.

Ka Concept is based on Ford’s expertise in operations with small cars and the ability to offer customers around the world design and technology that will be required in the upcoming years.

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