2015 Ford Mustang Independent Rear Suspension

So word is spreading about the leaked photos of an independent rear-suspension being placed on a prototype Mustang vehicle, which is good. For me it comes as no surprise for Ford to be pulling out all the stops as it competes for mid-range muscle dominance. Due to the Camaro and Challenger being up for redesigns sooner than later means that it is time to see what these companies can do to entice us buyers. Since Ford Mo Co’s head honcho Mulally loves to let engineers do their job and design superior products means that we should have an incredible lineup of 2015 Mustangs.

2015 Ford Mustang Independent Rear Suspension

When it came to the live axle standards of the Mustang, the engineers had managed to give us some amazingly competitive track cars such as the BOSS 302. The problem with the live axle is that the engineers had reached the pinnacle of handling with such technology without creating a suspension overly complicated and expensive. But now we get to see a mass production independent-suspension that will also have to be dialed in and may take a few years to hone in, making for a great chance for aftermarket companies to assist in racing and performance suspension kits. But it will be nice for keeping that meaty tire planted although it won’t be as good for doing donuts in the mall parking lot.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is supposed to be great performance value for the dollar, and that is what is happening. We as customers now want to be able to round a corner with confidence instead of sheer terror. What will be interesting is to hear people bitch about the change, for instance when Corvette did away with flip-up lights and people complained that is was not a true Corvette, even though they forgot about the fucking original Corvette!

In conclusion, I would love to take a $45k Mustang and pass exotics on the track all day long wearing a mullet wig. It’s a dream

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