Automotive Designs for 2015

Auto manufacturers are focusing on fuel efficiency for the masses as oil issues are constantly keeping buyers nervous. Several issues that are arising with vehicles of today and tomorrow is the fact that there are constant standards arising that is adding costs to each vehicle as well as labor disputes, pensions, etc. Auto manufacturers have to work their engineers and bean counters harder than ever as more competition has risen from South Korea as well as the continual improvement of older and more established auto manufacturers.


Customers of today have an array of different models to choose from. With the creation of more models and classes of vehicles being introduced means those customers are getting quiet picky as to what they want. With crossovers, crossunders and everything above and below means that auto manufacturers have to fill any decent sized niche they can think of. With threat of recalls and lawsuits means that research and development on the vehicle better be stellar. We have seen designs come and go but one thing is certain and that is there is car enthusiasts and simply car drivers.


Car enthusiasts want a vehicle that puts a smile on their face, whether it is from speed, handling, and appeal or simply to have the top down. Car drivers want, safety, mileage, dependability, comfort so they can use the vehicle liked they see it which is simply just a tool of transportation.  The need for fun is still alive and well for 2015 and with the introduction of vehicles such as the FR-S, GT-86, BR-Z which feature rear-wheel drive as well as an option for a manual transmission. What is uncertain is the retro theme for the American muscle cars. Ford has already stated massive change for the 2015 Mustang as it will possibly get a massive weight deduction as well as an independent rear-suspension. Also the entry level Mustang will have the 4-cylinder eco-boost engine. It looks as if more and more trickle down technology will be coming from racing and finding its way onto our vehicles. The problem is that more and more creature comforts as well as safety equipment is coming too. The price is and will continually rise and hopefully a drop in the Yen would help with the Japanese importation for 2015 but if not, many will be running their Mexican factories at 100%.


The future for our vehicles will slowly evolve into an egg shaped blob that is built of nothing but airbags and infotainment centers but until then, let’s urge auto manufacturers to build us tire slaying cars that make pussies cower when presented with these beasts of burnin.

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