Engineering Excellence For 2015 Cars

Auto manufacturers have all had to step up their engineering department with some of the most innovative ideas we have seen to date. Due to the worlds demand for clean, attractive vehicles that are reliable and feature the modern amenities of today means that 2015 cars have to be well thought out and tested. With large auto manufacturers  in fear of bad press due to faulty parts or systems means that a massive amount of research and development is placed into a vehicles overall design. With the threat of recalls and liability issues setting a cloud over new car companies means that vehicles are leaving the factory with more quality control review than ever before as well as more of the design process being implemented with computers.


Safety of course is a main issue for individuals purchasing any of the 2015 cars. Manufacturers are looking at more innovative ways in order to keep passengers safe from the elements as well as accidents. We are seeing manufacturers use more innovative ideas in order to use a fine balance of airbags as well as strengthened interior components. With more work being done in order to keep the vehicles inner core structurally rigid while the outer structure is designed to crumple upon impact thus lessening the initial impact and using the vehicle itself to dissipate energy; as a result we are seeing far better crash ratings than vehicles in the past.

The focuses on efficiency and driver assists are growing for new 2015 cars. As car companies look to lighten as well as strengthen vehicles structure, they are also working on aerodynamics and overall drag co-efficiency. Driver assists are also being introduced to vehicles such as more effective and safe airbag deployment systems, 360 degree cameras, immanent emergency brake assisting, and much more. With the new Ford Atlas project, engineers are working on hitch assisting technology therefore making it easier for one individual to back up their truck in order to connect trailers with ease. Also the Atlas concept has a driver assist that helps and individual back up trailers into the preferred location with ease.


The American market isn’t easy as drivers of vehicles such as the new 2015 trucks want the best of all worlds. Buyers of these trucks still want to maintain a massive cabin size and towing capacity while still being able to maximize fuel efficiency as well as amenities. This is caused the engineering teams to come up with some pretty innovative ideas in order to maximize efficiency. Through unorthodox methods such as opening and closing vents on the vehicles grills and even wheels, to closing the gaps between body panels as well as making the underside of the vehicle streamlined and aerodynamic in order to help lower the vehicles overall drag coefficient. We will also see innovative engine designs utilizing direct injection fuel technology as well as cylinder shutoff that will help maximize the vehicles miles per gallon yet being able to still deliver horsepower on demand.

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