Smart and Creative New Cars for 2015

One’s vehicle says a lot about that person as many of us purchase new cars with our lifestyle in mind. For many of us we want to simply have a reliable car that is economical and yet is versatile enough for our everyday life. On the other side of the spectrum we have total gear heads that want the ultimate in speed, looks and/or versatility. The new cars for 2015 will be reaching past the simple small car, big car class of vehicles to the more specific needs of cars company’s customer bases.


Auto manufacturers have support groups for every single part of a vehicle from its cup holders to its tail lights and so with a brilliant design getting bogged down by “greater good” committees, an auto manufacturer still needs to find a way to make the vehicle stand out on top of its competitors. For 2015 cars the big winner is the fuel consumption for the vehicle as consumers and the federal governments are demanding higher miles per gallon standards. So auto engineers are put to the test in order to build a power-train that is reliable as well as economical.


Auto manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors are using smaller displacement engines in conjunction with turbochargers and direct injection in order to try and raise combustion and use the placement and burn rate of the fuel in an optimal manner. The problem is that testing done by 3rd party consumer watchdog groups are noticing that mileage numbers are not as good as the companies perceive. Manufactures such as Honda and Mazda are sticking with normally aspirated engines connected to CVT transmissions and are achieving much better fuel averages than Ford and General Motors in comparative vehicles.


So what changes will we see for new cars for 2015? Weight loss, this is the future for the cars of the future. Weight loss equals better stats and companies are working on it in normal and unorthodox manners. When a car sheds more pounds of weight it gets better gas mileage, maneuverability, tread wear, acceleration, braking, etc. So simply put a lighter car with the same horsepower is going to run circles around the competition.


With today’s computing power, auto engineers can run virtual stress and crash tests on frames and sub-frames of vehicles as well as all the other components. So as a result of these test auto manufacturers can design a cars structure to be optimal while keeping excess materials off the car. This technology in conjunction with lighter weight alloys and carbon fiber car panels, parts and frames equal cars that can shed hundreds of pounds from its previous generation design. So expect a better and lighter car for your new car in 2015. As for the mechanical side of things expect to see more electricity as well as natural gas for new cars in the future. So please come back and visit for the next installment of news for new cars for 2015.

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