The 2015 Ford Mustang

Do you fear change? Well start worrying because the Mustang is due for some genetic metamorphoses. The current Mustang is designed to be a breed apart (tons of animal puns so just get use to it) from its predecessors. The reason it’s so huffed up is that Ford redesigned the cars ancient chassis. Although the bones were sturdy and structurally sound, the weight of this show pony was similar to a Clydesdale. As a result, the breeders kept altering the heart of the beast and giving it bigger and better engines in order to turn it into a sexy steed. Although some disliked the retro looks, most didn’t and it would go on to be a successful seller for Ford. But like any great race horse, the owner must decide when it’s time to send the ol’ girl out to pasture or the Elmer’s glue factory.


It is a competitive world in the auto market and now that there is every kind of gender bending class of vehicle out there means that Ford must find the largest niche to fill with their vehicle. What is more interesting is that the entry level Ford Mustang 2015 model will compete against the Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z for the 4 banger up front and dif in the rear. Also Mr. Mullaly stated that 750lbs were dropping off the cars overall weight. Is this true? Probably not, but the engineers are making a concerted effort to cut the fat but the bean counters in the office will probably have the final say and they fuck up almost everything. But Ford Mo. Co. has been working so close with DOW chemical on inexpensive carbon fiber production that there is definitely some sexual tension there and I’m sure Mrs. Lincoln is starting to suspect something unless she also gets a piece of that action.


So expect around 3,000lbs of Murica Muscle with an entry of their eco-boost pumping around 300 ponies. Then on to the coyote engines in which we shall see some sexy numbers being linked to an independent suspension for some…..wait what? An independent suspension is in the works but once again the bean counters are the deciding factor. When the engineers were asked to give the current Shelby and independent suspension they claimed it would add an extra 15k to the price tag. This new generation looks to have been looked at by some kidnapped GT-R engineers and told to START DRAWING! Seriously the Ford engineer team is a step above and their companies leadership is perpetually striving for greatness but there are still several things that could make this Mustang a Shetland Pony, and that of course is cost overhead for labor, pensions, etc plus rising emissions standards as well as fuel economy. So my advice to you would be to get the current model if you want a gas guzzling, rubber burning muscle car that will never go out of style. As for the next generation Mustang, prepare to run this horsey around some barrels as it will now be able to make more than just left turns.

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