The Retro Styled Ford Bronco for 2015

The retro styling phase is usually a love it or hate it type of affair but when the revisit of the modern muscle car era started, it was big and changed the course of the way designers looked at vehicles. Today we have seen a dip in trends as more companies are looking to get as sleek as possible in order to lower the overall drag-coefficient of the vehicle. One enemy of efficiency is height and thus all the crossovers are becoming turtle shells that lack ground clearance. With more emphases on efficiency that capability, the auto manufacturers have left the true off-roaders stuck with either a Jeep, 4Runner or the soon to possibly be discontinued Nissan Xterra as the rest of the vehicles are getting spaded and neutered. The Nissan Pathfinder now doesn’t even want to get the tires off pavement and the new Jeep Cherokee looks like Sloth from the Goonies and has been brought down to crossover hell even though their marketing campaign is trying desperately to have you believe it’s tough. Either way there still is the need for appearance. Sure look at some Wrangler owners, they have the ARB bumpers, Warn winch and fake bead locking wheels yet some are terrified to scratch their baby. But these are customers and there are a lot of them that love to have a simply badass and capable looking trail ready rig even if the only activity seen is driving on the grass to soccer practice. The fact is that Ford knows that people love and want the old 60’s era Bronco but they also want for it to be modular like the Wrangler so they can put all sorts of custom items on it. I agree as my Wrangler looks like it’s nearly on the set of Road Warrior. Plus with a strong aftermarket following like the Jeep has there are a lot of customers that could really get into owning the iconic 4×4.

2015 Ford Bronco


The 2015 Ford Bronco will share similarities with the Wrangler as the designers are going to try and keep a boxy look where aerodynamics are less of a necessity for efficiency. But any corner they can round and tighten up they will. The shared F-150 chassis will share the Alcoa aluminum frame that will dramatically lower the overall weight, hinder corrosion for beach bums and add efficiency and improve acceleration times.

2015 Ford Bronco Rear View

It is no secret that GearHeads have been waiting patiently for a vehicle that was first debuted back in 2004. Now with Ford growing and doing better under the Mulally rule there is a possibility that we will see some goods being delivered such as a 2015 SVT Ford Bronco with the 5.0L or possibly even the 6.2L which would be probably the coolest vehicle on the trails.

Front Corner Photo of the 2015 Ford Bronco

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