Two “coupe-crossover” Car Models Expected in 2015 – BMW X6 and Mercedes MLC

The rivalry between the two German automotive giants BMW and Mercedes will continue even in year 2015. Recently they have shared details about the new luxurious car models that they plan to hit the market in 2015. These are the brief reviews about them



The first generation of BMW X6 appeared on the market in 2008. Its original concept led to creation of a new type of cars in the automobile industry – the so-called “coupe-crossover” cars. Few years later the famous Bavarian manufacturer is an undisputed ruler in this category.

Because of the popularity of this “coupe-crossover” car BMW has announced that they will introduce the second generation of BMW X6 in 2015. They will try to hold the throne although Mercedes and Audi have also announced that they will have new models in this category too.

The prototype of BMW X6 is already functioning and the abilities of this car are tested every day on the famous Nirburgring test-track. Few photos from these tests were leaked in the public few weeks ago.

Although much of the exterior is hidden, the outlines of the new BMW X6 can give us some idea how it will look like. It is obvious that the recognizable silhouette of BMW X6 is kept, but just like X4 and the new model of X5, the front end is more slope and the grille is more noticeable and placed almost vertically.

Details on the back of BMW X6 are still hidden but it is expected that the bumper and the light clusters will have some changes.

When it comes to engines the new BMW X6 will use the engines from BMW X5. We can expect 4.4 liter petrol engine with 450 hp; 3.0 liter Twin Power diesel engine with 285 hp and 3.0 liter turbo diesel engine with 381 hp.

The new BMW X6 is expected to be available to buyers in early 2015.


Mercedes MLC


There is still a little information about the future Mercedes “coupe-crossover” vehicle. What we know is that the Mercedes MLC, which is expected to be the biggest rival of BMW’s X6, will be built on a modified platform of Mercedes M-class cars.

There were some photographs that were leaked that can help us understand how Mercedes MLC will look like. It definitely has lowered suspension and the additional expansion on the wheel arches will make this model wider than the standard Mercedes ML.

The M class engines that are currently in use will probably be used in this model too. The standard V6 and V8 petrol engines and six-cylinder diesel engine will definitely be part of the offer. The only new thing is that there could be a hybrid version too.

The production process of Mercedes MLC will probably take place in Alabama where Mercedes already has its own factory that already produces Mercedes ML and GL models.

2015 will definitely be very interesting when it comes to “coupe-crossover” models.

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